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* On-going Project 05/2014 ~ Present, MiningMinds: Development of Personal Big Data Analysis Platform and Core Technologies
  • Position: Co-Project Manager(Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Mining Minds is a collection of services, tools and techniques working collaboratively to investigate on human’s daily routines to provide a personalized well-being and health-care support.
  • Research issues
    • Big Data Analysis and Modeling: Data acquisition from diverse sources of data in online and offline manner, unified representation and an interoperable and sharable model.
    • Human Behavior Analysis: User interests and preferences learned from historical and contextual data from emotion, activity, diet and sleep patterns.
    • Personalized Recommendation: Context-aware recommendation generation for the target users according to their needs and situation.
    • Knowledge Maintenance: High quality knowledge creation and feedback-based knowledge maintenance.
    • Adaptive UI/UX: UI/UX Authoring tool - Provide UX based adaptive UI
    [MiningMinds project overview and service application, click to enlarge]

  • Mining Minds Project Website:

* Past Projects 07/2011 ~ 12/2014, [Int’l Collaborative Research] Development of Robust Activity Recognition Algorithm by Analyzing Personal Big Data
  • Position: Visiting Scholar
  • Investigated robust human activity recognition algorithm with Prof. Chris Nugent, University of Ulster, U.K who is very well-known researcher in sensory data collection and big data processing for smart environment research. From 2011, I’ve visited and had a collaborative research with his team in U.K. for 2 months every year.
  • 3 SCI papers, several patents and international papers were published including a Best Paper Award in 2013.
  • [System architecture of an activity labelling for robust activity recognition, click to enlarge]

01/2011 ~ 04/2014, Mobileware: Human Activity Recognition based on Smartphone Multimodal Sensors
  • Position: Team Leader
  • The main object of Mobileware is to develop Smartphone based activity and emotion recognition technologies on real environment and provide personalized services. We investigated a comprehensive approach for recognizing human’s activity and context information that utilizes the multimodal sensors in Smartphones.
  • For recognizing human’s physical activities such as stay still, walking, jogging and cycling, GMM-based classifier is used. And audio data is used for recognizing vehicle contexts (Bus/Subway) by using HMM-based classifier. Also soft sensors information like GPS and Wi-Fi are utilized for improving an accuracy of activity recognition.
  • Mobileware Website:
  • CLAP2 Project: A mobile based tool to collect activity data on a large scale and provides user feedback mechanism by prompting on a touch screen of Smartphone. It could be used to allow the users to provide accurate ground truth labels for their activity data.
  • HBB (Human Black Box) Project: An android Smartphone application developed for providing both personalized and emergency services using smartphone. Action Logger core engine is used for acquiring activity labels. A fall detection algorithm and calculating calorie consumption engine are developed for this project.
  • HBB Google Play link:
  • [Screenshots of the CLAP2 and HBB applications, click to enlarge]

09/2006 ~ 12/2014, East-West Neo Medicinal u-Life Care Research Center(uLCRC)

  • Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • The ubiquitous Life Care Research Center(uLCRC), established in 2006 with a funding from Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea(MKE)
  • uLCRC is a unique Information Technology Research Center dedicated to developing human lifecare technologies based on the principles of east-west neo medicine.
  • We've developed core technologies for u-Lifecare applications such as inference algorithms, bio sensing techniques, smart objects and cloud platform for managing, processing, storing and inferring personal information securely.
  • uLCRC Website:

10/2012 ~ 08/2013, Sports Fanatic Run: Android Application for tracking user’s fitness activities
  • Position: Research Director
  • Commercial smartphone application for tracking fitness activities. It used a GPS sensor data for collecting fitness information such as trajectory, distance, time, calories burned etc. and storing records in Smartphone.
  • Collaborative work between the ubiquitous Life Care Research Center (uLCRC), Kyung Hee Univ. and Sports Fanatic Corp.
  • Google Play link:
  • [Screenshots of the Sports Fanatic Run application, click to enlarge]

    [News articles: IT Today(LINK), Herald Economy(LINK), click to enlarge]

06/2010 ~ 09/2012, Action Logger: Smartphone sensor based activity recognition and logging application
  • Position: Team Leader
  • Action Logger provides a technology to detect user’s activity and consumed calories. It uses accelerometer and GPS embedded in smartphone to recognize 5 different activities which are stay, walking, jogging, taking a bus and subway.
  • The orientation and the position (Top/bottom pocket, bag, hand, etc.) of the smartphone is irrelevant. With action logger, you may review your daily activity and moved path with consumed calorie which could be used widely in healthcare, fitness, wellness, and entertainment services.
  • Action Logger Open Source Project is an activity recognition technology using multimodal sensors embedded in Smartphone which is developed by Mobileware team in Ubiquitous Computing Lab of Kyung Hee University. The whole algorithm of Action Logger could be loaded or modified by any developers who wish to use. This will bring you to develop novel activity recognition technology or applications. All of the source codes, collected data sets, and applications can be used for free for research purpose. Commercial usage needs permission by us, so please contact us in this case.
  • ALOSP(Action Logger Open Source Project) Website:

12/2009 ~ 05/2010, iPhone Application: Sasang Constitution Diagnosis Application and Fall Detection Application
  • Position: Team Leader
  • u-Healthcare services using a smartphone have lots of possibilities by its mobility, portability and powerful processing power. In this project, we've developed two smartphone applications based on the iOS platform for iPhone and iPod.
  • Sasang constitution diagnosis / 사상체질진단 application diagnose a person's character conveniently and quickly with only 23 questions. The Sasang typology is a traditional Korean medical typology which categorizes people into four types based on their traits. It had been ranked #1 in the Appstore for a week and downloaded over 150,000.
  • Fall detection / 낙상감지 알리미 application monitors human's activities in real-time and if a fall has been detected, it makes noisy sound and notify his/her location to designated persons such as care-givers, nurses or doctors by SMS. Falling is a major cause of personal injury, especially for the elderly. The WHO estimate (2002) that 392,000 people die in falls every year.
  • Both are funded by the ubiquitous Life Care Research Center(uLCRC)
  • iTunes link:,

  • [Screenshots of the applications, click to enlarge]

10/2009 ~ Present, Intelligent Lifestyle Service Provider(i-LiSP)
  • Position: Researcher
  • i-LiSP is one of modules in the SC3 project. It aims to provide intelligent services to the users by analyzing their context information. Service is an act of help, assistance or recommendations. Many various kinds of services are considered in i-LiSP, such as entertainment, medication or sport services and so on.
  • Context information used in i-LiSP are comprehensive which are obtained from various sources. They mainly include: ①The sensor information from sensors, ②The activity information from Human Activity Recognition Engine or ③The high-level context information from CAME Engine.
  • i-LiSP Project Website:

10/2008 ~ 09/2009, Activity Recognition Systems for Human Behavior(Humanware)
  • Position: Team Leader
  • The goal of Humanware Research Team is to recognize the actions and objective of one or more users from a series of observations on the user's actions and surrounding environment.
  • The series of observations on the user's action can be observed through stream of sensory data. The sensors can be audio/video sensors, body attached sensors (e.g. accelerometer) or simple and ubiquitous sensors (e.g. Berkley Motes). Main focus of this project is to recognize an activity of daily livings using the combination of aforementioned sensors.
  • Collaborated with SAMSUNG Electronics

01/2008 ~ 07/2008, Assisted-Living and Residential Monitoring Network(AlarmNet) - a wireless sensor network for smart healthcare

  • Position: Visiting Researcher
  • Advisor: Prof. John A. Stankovic (BP America Professor)
  • Development of an Activity Recognition Module for supporting knowledge processing in the AlarmNet Systems. The AlarmNet Architecture for smart healthcare possesses the essential elements of each of the future medical applications described before, namely: integration with existing medical practices and technology, real-time, long-term monitoring, miniature, wearable sensors, and assistance to the elderly and chronic patients.
  • Especially detecting and reasoning a Diabetes and Depression based on raw sensing data from several sensors deployed at home environment
  • AlarmNet Website:

08/2006 ~ 09/2008, Context-aware Middleware for Ubiquitous Systems(CAMUS)
  • Position: Team Leader
  • Development of Context-aware Middleware for providing Ubiquitous Service to Users in Smart Spaces(Smart Home, Smart Office or Smart Hospital etc.), CAMUS group is focused on developing context aware middleware that will facilitated the easy and faster development of smart systems for ubiquitous environment.
  • Funded by Ubiquitous Appliance Solution Technology Development Project of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE), Korea
  • CAMUS Group Website:

09/2006 ~ 01/2007, Building Ubiquitous Computing Lab. Website
  • Position: Design, Developer(Exclusive Work)
  • From designing all images to server configuration and build up the DB System
  • Using Windows Server 2003, MySQL, IIS Server, PHP, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator and Macromedia Flash
  • Visit UCLab. Website for more information:

08/2005 ~ 09/2006, Development of DRCM(Dynamic Configurable Context-aware Middleware) Project
  • Position: Sensing Agent Developer
  • Implement Lightweight Context-aware Middleware on OSGi platform working on JVM and building demonstration room called Smart Office. We’ve been tested the performance of our Lightweight Middleware(DRCM) and made Demonstration Movie. The target platform of DRCM is mobile hand-held Devices(PDA, PMP, Cell or Smart Phone) because the code size is only 113KB.

12/2004 ~ 09/2005, Interactive Digital-TV Systems
  • Position: System Developer
  • Development of MHP-based Set-top Box for Interactive Digital Broadcasting System, Funded by Driving Force Project for the Next Generation Project of Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Korea

09/2004 ~ 12/2004, Development of QIV(QT Image Viewer)

  • Position: Embedded System Developer
  • QIV project was term project of undergraduate class 'Advances Computer Engineering, Embedded Systems(B4616201)', The result of this project was published by book, Embedded System Project and used as a lecture note of Embedded Systems Lab. I Class.
  • Embedded System Project, Chapter 12, QT Image Viewer, 1/31/2006, ISBN-10 : 8972835250, ISBN-13 : 9788972835257, pp.358

12/2002 ~ 05/2003, Building Reliable Web Service by Implementing Private UDDI Registry

  • Position: DB Designer, Client & Web Interface Developer
  • The result of this project was published by book, BIT Project vol.92, The book contained detailed information about this project and source code of results. I was a member of CX222 (Client/Server Expert Team)
  • BIT Project vol.92, Chapter 1, 11/25/2003, ISBN-10: 8985957953, ISBN-13: 9788985957953, CX222/JX223/SX224, pp.650

* Papers
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* Winner of UCAmI 2013 Best Paper Award

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* Patents
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* Book chapters
[2] Jinsung Cho, Embedded System Project, Chapter 12, QT Image Viewer(Manhyung Han), ISBM-10: 8972835250, ISBN-13: 9788972835257, pp.376, Jan. 2006

[1] Hyunjung Cho, BIT Project vol. 92, Chapter 1 (CX222, Manhyung Han), ISBN-10: 8985957953, ISBN-13: 9788985957953, pp.650, Nov. 2003

* Courses [ Ph.D Courses ]

Title Code Lecturer Grade
Advanced Computer Technology I C5847700 Prof. Young-Jae Song B+
Machine Learning C5851000 Prof. Andrey V. Gavrilov A+
System Structure for Ubiquitous City and Village C5849100 Prof. Yong-Ok Chin A+
Advanced Computer Technology II C5880100 Prof. Young-Jae Song A+
Data and Information Visualization C5802500 Prof. Brian J. d'Auriol B+
Probability and Statistics and Its Applications C4124900 Prof. Daeyoung Lee A-
Topics in Functional Programming C5848200 Prof. Brian J. d'Auriol B+
Distributed Processing Systems C1407000 Prof. Eui-nam John Huh A
Network System Optimization C6699100 Prof. Intae Ryoo A
Network Security C4552400 Prof. Jee Hoo Jeong B+
Future Internet C6699000 Prof. Choong Seon Hong A
Query Processing C5733300 Prof. Youngkoo Lee A+
GPA 3.842 / 4.3 (89.58%)

[ Master Courses ]

Title Code Lecturer Grade
4th Generation Mobile Communication system C4685001 Prof. Kyesan Lee A
Wireless Network C4482501 Prof. Jeonggeun Kim A
Next Generation Access Technology C4974800 Dr. Seokhoon Kim A+
Advanced Network Management System C4233400 Dr. Seokhoon Kim A+
Distributed Systems C1406900 Prof. Sungyoung Lee A+
System Design and User Interface C5031300 Prof. Yllias Chali A+
Computer Networking Technology C4246600 Dr. Seokhoon Kim A+
Queueing Theory C3626900 Prof. Mohammad A. U. Khan A-
GPA 4.15 / 4.3 (93.13%)

* Scholarly Activities 1. International Research Collaboration

07/2013 ~ 08/2013 Visiting Scholar University of Ulster, Jordanstown in Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.
07/2012 ~ 08/2012 Visiting Scholar University of Ulster, Coleraine in Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.
07/2011 ~ 08/2011 Visiting Scholar University of Ulster, Jordanstown in Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.
02/2011 ~ 06/2011 Internship Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg, Germany
01/2008 ~ 07/2008 Visiting Researcher University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, U.S.A.

2. Conference Participation 3. Invited Speech
  • Multimodal Sensor-based Activity Recognition in a Smartphone and its Applications, 5th Workshop on Sustainable Medical Collaboration in East & West(SMCEW), East-West Neo Medicinal u-Lifecare Research Center, Kyung Hee University, Korea, November 22, 2013
4. Assistant Experience

03/2007 ~ 06/2007 Research Assistant Dept. of Computer Engineering, Kyung Hee University
03/2006 ~ 02/2007 Network Manager IT Center, Kyung Hee University

5. Certificate of Achievement & Qualification

12/2002 ~ 05/2003 Client/Server Expert Course BIT Computer, Seoul, Korea
10/2002 ~ 11/2002 Microsoft Developer Course BIT Computer, Seoul, Korea
07/2002 ~ 08/2002 Java Programming Course BIT Computer, Seoul, Korea
12/05/2005 Information Processing Engineer Human Resources Development Service of Korea
05/17/2002 Internet Information Miner 1st Class IT Human Resources Development Center of Korea

6. Language
  • Korean: My native language
  • English: Using English proficiently in reading, writing and communicating
  • TOEIC score: 905 (vaild until Sept. 29, 2010)
7. Knowledge & Skill
  • Programming Language: Java, C/C++, Embedded C, PHP, JSP
  • Operation System: Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Embedded Linux
  • Network Technology: WPAN(ZigBee, RFID), Web Service(SOAP), Distributed Computing Technology
  • Others: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas
8. Scholarship & Awards * Approximately converted Korean WON into USD
  • December 2013, Best Paper Award, UCAmI 2013
  • May 2013, Achievement Award by The Electronic Times, ITRC Forum 2013
  • December 2010, Global Internship Program, NRF (USD 10,000)
  • September 2007, KOSEF S&T Graduate Scholarship, NRF (USD 12,000)
  • August 2007, Excellence Research Paper Scholarship, KHU (USD 2,400)
  • August 2007, Excellence Researcher Scholarship, KHU (USD 900)
  • March 2007, Research Assistantship, KHU (USD 5,000)
  • December 20, 2006, Scientific Research Scholarship(Conference), KHU (USD 250)
  • November 23, 2006, Excellence Researcher Scholarship, KHU (USD 900)
  • September 2006, Research Assistantship, KHU (USD 5,000)
  • May 30, 2006, Scientific Research Scholarship, KHU (USD 900)
  • April 25, 2006, Research Assistantship, KHU (USD 3,431)
  • 1st & 2nd Semester, 2005, Administration Assistantship, KHU (USD 10,394)